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About this website

Hi, this is a website that I'm not sure what to do with nowadays but I'm going to use this to introduce myself and link to some things that come to mind:

My real name is Perttu Ahola, but I generally go by the nickname celeron55 on the Internet.


I am the founder and original developer of Minetest.

Nowadays I mostly just oversee the project and host the forum and wikis, and do the few "upper management" decisions that have to be done.

Feel free to ask me about obscure technical details, I know a lot about those.


I'm involved quite a lot with the Openinverter community. I try to report about my own EV conversion projects and also try to help other people.

My project threads are here: EVPrevia EVOmega


There's the c55-leaf-inverter-protocol page that I published in 2017 and on which various Leaf inverter control solutions base on. Here are some exclusive tips for you that haven't yet ended up on that page:

YouTube and other platforms

I do have a Youtube channel which has a wildly varying upload frequency from about 1 day to about a year.

I'm also on X, with barely any activity. But I gotta follow what the crazy man Musk is doing and that's the root source for that stuff.

Creators worth mentioning

I like Damien Maguire's work (EVBMW) and hang around on his Discord server.

WinterStarcraft does the best Starcraft II casts.


My public email address is celeron55@gmail.com. If you don't sound like a spam bot and do talk about things I'm interested in and aren't begging for me to do something that's other people's job, I will read your email and probably also respond to it unless I'm too busy.

You can also find me on various places like:

You can tip me money. If you do, you encourage me to continue what I'm doing and offset the cost of servers, hardware and other things that cost money: